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It is easy to say that we are freight forwarders. It is easier still to brand us as a company that specialises in transporting goods. What is not easy is to explain is our total dedication to what we do? What is not easy is to explain is our commitment to the minute of details which ensure a going flawless journey of our customers’ products. What is not easy is to explain is our eternal race against time as we operate different time zones, across countries and cultures, over varied business practices and work ethics: The aims being to reach the goods, in perfect condition, in the best possible time at a reasonable cost.

We are the leading Pet Travels Experts in India specialising in transportations of Pet Animal within India and Worldwide. We transport Pets, Zoological Animals, Aquarium and Exotic Animals. We have more than 10 years of transportation experience and expertise to handle even the most complex translocation requirements. Travelling with and Relocation of your pets is simple and trouble free when you are with JETEX Oceanair.

Contact our Pet Transportation Specialist at: 918697701412

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